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I wanna paint

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All I need is time. Time to put paint on canvas and get in the zone. But there is so little time for that. I have a part time job I like very much, and need the income from....then I have chores, shopping, cooking, etc at home...and then there's taking my daughter to 4H meetings and dance lessons and shows and competitions and making her dance costumes....and keeping up with my son's first year in college...and my husband's schedule...and my 2 dogs and 3 cats....and my family, facebook, email....

At the end of it all, I rarely find a way to carve out time to paint. It feels like a wild thing inside me, trying to claw it's way out...I keep telling it, no, not now, not yet, I don't have time for you, wait, just wait, maybe tomorrow.... It seems to listen to reason, but then I wonder if it doesn't start gnawing on me with impatience...and it reminds me that it's important too.